Best Free 1 Week Temporary Email Generator - Fake Mail ID

Best Free 1 Week Temporary Email Generator - Fake Mail ID
Published in : 21 Mar 2024

Best Free 1 Week Temporary Email Generator - Fake Mail ID

Have you ever thought of obtaining a free disposable email address for creating assorted online accounts to prevent receiving spam messages to your real email address?

A disposable email is also known as temp emailfake emailtemporary email10-minute email, etc.

 It's an email address that is randomly generated by a platform for users to freely access it without having the need to register an account with the platform or releasing their data to any third-party platform.

With disposable email addresses, you can have unlimited email addresses for any of your online activities such as creating a free trial account with a platform.

Also, when using a disposable email address, you can preserve your privacy and none of your details will be shared with any third party.

In this guide, we will show you in a categorized format assorted disposable email generators.

Type and Duration Temporary Email Last

Type and Duration Temporary Email Last

Below are the various types of temporary services based on the time it expires;

1 Week Temporary Email

#1. Mailinator

Mailinator is another amazing platform that allows its users to create lots of emails without the need to verify their phone numbers.

Mailinator allows its users to access their auto-generated temporary email addresses for about 7 days.

Mailinator is one of the best platforms that will help you to keep your email inbox free from spam. 

Moreover, Mailinator email inboxes are public and your received messages will be deleted automatically.

Being a public email, never use this platform to receive emails that contain sensitive information, such as passwords, bank details, etc.

#2. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based email service provider that is privacy-focused and it is quite secure.

While using their free plan, users will have about 500MB of free space for storing their email messages and files. 

Also, users can send up to 150 emails each day for free.

ProtonMail gives its users up to 7 days to have access to their temporary email address.

This platform helps users to send encrypted emails to others, most especially to other ProtonMail users.

#3. GMX Mail

GMX Mail which stands for Global Mail eXchange Mail is owned and managed by Global Mail eXchange, an outstanding company in the district of Germany.

This platform has been in existence since 1997 and it is a free ad mail service that is designed for everybody.

 Their services use webmail, IMAP4, and POP3 protocols.

GMX Mail is categorized as a 7-day temporary email and gives its users access to a couple of days before their temporary email address will expire.

24-hour Disposable Email

24-hour Disposable Email

#1. is another email provider that does not request phone number verification from its users during signup and they allow users to access their disposable email for 24 hours.

This awesome platform is owned by a German company known as 1&1 Mail & Media Inc.

They allow users to create their free email accounts within a few minutes without the need to use their phone numbers for identity verification.

They reserve 2GB of free space for their users and users are permitted to send about 50MB file size at once.

#2. Tutanota

Tutanota is another awesome email service generator that does not require its users to verify their phone numbers. 

This platform is an end to end encrypted and uses AES technology and they give users 24-hour access to their auto-generated disposable email address.

Moreover, Tutanota which is an open-source email service provider is developed by a small team based in Hanover, Germany.

Tutanota allows its users to get about 1GB of free storage for keeping their email messages and files.

 The most interesting thing is that these platforms do not have advertisements.

#3. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is quite an amazing free disposable email address service provider that allows its users to create diverse temporary emails with phone number verification.

Since it is a temporary email provider, it will give you a one-time email that you will use and dispose of immediately and it lasts for about 24 hours.

10 Minute Email

10-Mins Temp Email

#1. is quite an outstanding platform that gives its visitors unlimited email addresses for their online registrations and email confirmation.

sccrim uses real-time server responses to match its user's needs speedily.

Moreover, this awesome platform is quite new but besides that, it uses an AI-based tool to respond to the user's query and your auto-generated disposable email address will last for about 110 minutes before its expiry.

Creating your free email addresses with is very simple. All you need is to launch the website and your free temporary email address will be there for you.

Unlike other services, sccrim auto-refreshes its user's email inbox, ensuring that no users miss out on important messages that will be sent to their email addresses.

When you think of a stress-free email address without a phone number verification, we recommend sccrim

To get started, visit

#2. Mailfence

Mailfence is quite a fantastic platform that offers assorted emails to users without asking for phone number verification.

One thing about this platform is that its security is very standard and the user’s identity can never be revealed to any third party.

Moreover, while using this platform, when you send a message to someone, the person can easily see your real name.

Meanwhile, to hide your name from those that will receive your messages, ensure to use a fake name when creating your email address with this platform.

#3. Email on Deck

This is another fantastic platform that allows its users to create temporary email addresses without needing to verify their phone numbers.

Moreover, while creating an account with this platform, you need to prove that you are human before your disposable email address will be given to you.

One of the amazing features of this platform is that users can easily obtain their email addresses directly from the website.

Is sccrim 1 Week Temporary Email?

No! which is accessible from is just a 10-minute temporary email address.


We were able to bring a detailed category of disposable email addresses ranging from their life span and other curtail details you should know before using any of these platforms for your online registration.